Larry Sanders to Cleveland Makes Sense

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Just days after signing with the Cavaliers, Andrew Bogut finds himself injured once again. Bogut fractured his tibia during Monday night’s game against the Miami Heat. 58 seconds. That’s how long Bogut was on the court before the devastating injury occurred. Cavaliers superstar LeBron James said he “heard it break,” causing the whole arena to fall flat. Bogut’s injury is awful news for both the player and the team, but the Cavaliers must move on. The team looks set to replace the injured Australian. One player who makes a lot of sense for the Cavs is Larry Sanders. On Jan. 26, Sanders indicated his intention to return to the game of basketball after a two-year break.

Larry Sanders to Cleveland Makes Sense  

The Former $44 Million Man 

Sanders, 28, was once a valuable member of the Milwaukee Bucks and is looking for a team. The Cavaliers really need to add frontcourt depth, and signing Sanders makes a lot of sense. Sanders is a low-risk, affordable option that General Manager David Griffin should look at –if he hasn’t already done so. In Sanders’ final season with the Bucks, the big man averaged 7.3 points and 6.1 rebounds per game. Sanders retired after just 27 games in 2015.

Cavaliers Plan to Waive Bogut

After Bogut’s injury, Tristan Thompson is the only healthy center left on Cleveland’s roster. The Cavaliers plan to waive Bogut, causing the search for a replacement to begin. Sanders is just looking to get back into the game, so an affordable deal seems likely. Bogut offers rebounding and rim protection, along with a strong paint presence. Sanders has the same mindset on the court and could bring such talents to Cleveland off the bench.

Sanders’ Troubled Past

Back in 2013, Sanders tore a ligament in his thumb after a night club altercation. He would go on to miss 25 games. Fined but not charged, Sanders now had a red flag next to his name. Injuries and suspensions in 2014 led to Sanders making a surprising decision. After his second suspension for breaking the NBA’s drug policy, the Bucks bought Sanders out. Sanders is pro-marijuana use, something the association is opposed to. One must hope that Sanders’ problems are behind him and the talented big man can get back to doing what he does best: playing basketball.

The Lakers Meeting

Recently, Sanders met with the Los Angeles Lakers. The center spent most of the day at the Lakers’ facility, but no deal was made. This led to Sanders posting a tweet, which sums up his situation perfectly:

Sanders is just a call away, so if the Cavaliers want to be fully loaded come playoff time, Sanders is the player to sign.


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