John Collins NBA Draft Profile

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John Collins NBA Draft Profile

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John Collins – 6’10” Power Forward, Wake Forest, 19 Years Old

Florida-native John Collins is a power forward out of Wake Forest. Colins is expected to be around the 16th pick in the NBA draft. He averaged 19.2 points, 9.8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in his sophomore season. Collins led the ACC in field goal percentage at 62.2% and was the conference’s most improved player this season. He was also the first player to record 600 points and 300 rebounds in a season at Wake Forest since Tim Duncan (1996-97). After a solid freshman season, Collins exploded in his second year. His second year showing proved that he should be a great asset to any team in the NBA. Especially those teams that are looking for someone who can contribute immediately at the power forward position.


John Collins evolved and really proved his potential in the 2016-17 season on both ends of the floor. Freshman year, he averaged just 7.3 points and 3.9 rebounds. This year, he more than doubled both of those statistics. Collins is a dominant player in the post and will be even more of a threat if he continues to improve his mid-range jumper. He can finish at the rim and has shown to be good off the pick-and-roll. He also runs the floor well and was the most efficient player in the NCAA this season, with a PER of 35.9. At the next level, his efficiency and influence on both ends of the floor should continue to only get better.


Although Collins is extremely efficient, small areas of improvement could make all the difference in his game. He averaged just 0.5 assists per game in his sophomore season. In order to keep up at the next level, he will need to pick up some passing skills. Along with this, he will also need to learn how to move the ball more effectively. While his mid-range shot is getting better, he will need to continue to improve his shooting percentage to be competitive at the NBA level. On the defensive end, Collins is clearly a good rebounder and competitor, but he has a tendency to get into foul trouble.  Collins will be more effective if he can learn to defend without picking up unnecessary fouls.

NBA Potential

Collins has the potential to become a top power forward in the NBA. With his athleticism and solid skills on both the offensive and defensive end, he could certainly become a leader. Signs point to him being able to effectively contribute to any team pretty early on in his NBA career. This expectation is especially realistic considering how much he improved between his first and second year at Wake Forest. If Collins can learn how to move the ball and be a true team player, he will do great at the next level. He would be best suited to go to a team with a strong player development program so that he can really continue to work on the little things and build his skill set.

NBA Player Comparison

Although Chris Bosh did not play this past season in the NBA because of medical issues, Bosh is a fair comparison to what Collins could be in the NBA. They are of similar size and Collins averaged similar numbers to what Bosh did in college and his time in the NBA. Bosh is also effective off the pick-and-roll. With his athleticism, Collins could become that kind of player at the next level. Both of these players also have a nice finish at the rim. In Bosh’s early years with Toronto Raptors, he was the star. During his later years with the Miami Heat, he was still a leader, but not in the same way. Collins could become either of these types of team contributors depending on what team drafts him. Either way, Collins can really become an impactful player as he evolves in the NBA.
Look for John Collins to fall somewhere around the 16th pick on draft night, and be sure to stay updated with our complete coverage of the NBA Draft.

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