Coast 2 Coast Podcast Episode #6: Northwest Division Preview

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the sixth episode of Coast 2 Coast, the brand new basketball podcast right here at Last Word on Sports. As always LWOS is committed to bringing you the very best in sports news, analysis and commentary. In putting together this NBA podcast, we continue to stay committed to our high standards. Enjoy the show.

This is the fourth of our six previews. The AtlanticCentral, and Southeast can be found here.

Who’s to say a small market team can’t be successful? That a team from a midmarket city can’t build a roster or a culture? The Northwest Division offers a diverse class of organizations, committed to staying near or below the salary cap while maintaining high expectations.

Austin and Dante examine the group in this episode’s divisional preview, beginning with the advantages and limitations of midmarket teams. The two follow their normal layout by answering five burning questions on the division – including the team with the best chance at landing the next big free agent and the most exciting player or team to watch this season (hint: Russell Westbrook is involved). They’ll predict divisional standings and touch on the spiritual journey Tom Thibodeau went on to discover an offense.

Coast 2 Coast Podcast Episode #6: Northwest Division Preview

Austin Cracraft and Dante Guarneri discuss everything from the wide world of the NBA, whether it be the latest update from a Banana Boat or a rookie screwing up on his Snapchat.

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Austin is a Staff Writer and Podcast Host/Producer at Last Word on Sports. He is currently attending the University of Oregon and enjoys watching, talking and playing sports. He is a big Colorado Buffaloes and Oregon Ducks fan.

Dante studies Financial Economics at Columbia University. For every statistic and analytic undertaking, he hopes to shed humorous light on the everyday parity of the sports world. A life-long sports fan, he’s been blessed with championships from the New York Yankees and New York Giants, but cursed by the turbulent history of the Brooklyn (New Jersey) Nets.


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