Golden State Warriors Look for Answers After Loss to Spurs


The Golden State Warriors acquired all-star forward Kevin Durant over the off-season, not only to reinforce an already unbeatable force, but to create the greatest “Dream Team” ever assembled (at least for this generation of sports). With the newly implemented line-up, the Warriors should have no trouble beating up the Western Conference throughout the regular season, seeding high on the playoff bracket, and cruising into the NBA Finals. Really, who is going to stop them? Maybe somebody overlooked the San Antonio Spurs.

Golden State Warriors Look For Answers After Loss to Spurs

“I think our guys were embarrassed tonight, I know I was,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr, after the game. “We’ve got a lot to work on, a lot to get better with, and a lot more games to come.”

A Little About The Game

The Spurs never looked back when they took the 31-20 lead in the first quarter. An 11 point deficit is not insurmountable, especially in the NBA, but by halftime the score was 64-46 and the deficit had almost doubled. Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard had 18 points already before the half and finished the night scoring 35 points with five rebounds and five steals. Forward LaMarcus Aldridge finished with 26 points and 14 rebounds. For the most part, the Spurs looked young and fresh, like a team destined for a playoff berth. They resembled a team maybe the Warriors will fear in the long months to come.

“If there was an outcome I wasn’t expecting, it was this one,” mentioned Spurs guard Manu Ginobili. “A 29 point lead against a team like them? I truly didn’t expect it.”

The Warriors appeared lackadaisical and disinterested when they entered the third quarter. It was as though they had no answers for this kind of onslaught, as if the team had already thrown in the towel and were willing to accept the consequences of imminent defeat. The 129-100 score at the end of the game reflected the lack of effort made by the Western Conference Champions of a year ago.

Changes from Last Season

Last season’s Warriors were almost obnoxious with their mode of ever-dominating confidence and began with an easy 24-0. This season, after only one game, they’ve already earned their first loss. Is it the first game jitters? Does the chemistry of the new line-up still need some time to gel? Is it because guard Leandro Barbosa, a dependable spark off the bench, was traded to the Phoenix Suns?

Coach Kerr, at this time, has no real answers and can only raise more questions. From a fan’s perspective, maybe the Warriors woes have something to do with defense.

For the Record

Of the top scorers for the Warriors from last night’s match-up, Durant finished with 27 points and 10 rebounds. Forward Draymond Green had 18 points for the night, along with 12 rebounds, six assists and five steals. Guard Stephen Curry finished with 26 points.

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