Pelicans Playoff Hopes Still Alive


The New Orleans Pelicans currently sit just a game outside of the eighth spot in the Western Conference. The Pelicans have been on a roll as of late, led by Anthony Davis and Langston Galloway. Coming off the bench, Galloway has been hot from beyond the arc, which has sparked the Pelicans late in recent games. Sitting with a current record of 15-24, the Pelicans have established themselves as a run-maker for the playoffs which start in late April. If the Pelicans can make a stretch of winning games that count, this team can certainly make the playoffs.

Pelicans Playoff Hopes Still Alive

First off, the Pelicans defeated the Derrick Rose-less New York Knicks by a final score of 110-96 on Monday night. Next up for the Pelicans is a matchup with the Brooklyn Nets, who sit with a record of 8-29. This next game should be an easy win for New Orleans considering Brooklyn has been inconsistent all season long. If Davis and the Pels can make the baskets and avoid turnovers, this team can pick up their 16th win of the season on Thursday night.

Second, New Orleans still has games remaining against the top teams in the league. On January 23, they face the Eastern Conference leading Cleveland Cavaliers at home in New Orleans. If New Orleans has a decent record by that time, they could give Cleveland a test. The Cavaliers are a team that has struggled in recent games against mediocre teams. New Orleans still has games against San Antonio, Houston, and Golden State, all of which are tops or near the top in the Western Conference.

New Orleans has to continue playing good quality basketball to finish strong and make the playoffs. The postseason certainly isn’t out of reach, but it could be a long shot if the Pelicans begin to dismantle late in the season.

Players Who Can Push Pelicans to Playoffs

Though Anthony Davis has begun to push the Pelicans to wins in recent games, there are a few players that could spark the team for a playoff run besides Davis. Lets take a look at a few players that can spark the Pelicans for a playoff push:

Langston Galloway

Galloway has been averaging 9.7 points per game coming off the bench. If Galloway can begin to boost up his ppg, the Pelicans could have a threat off the bench. In my opinion, Galloway should be in a starting role instead of coming off the bench, even though he only averages just under 10 points per game. New Orleans could use his three point shooting ability early in every game to get ahead of their opponents.

Jrue Holiday

Holiday is currently averaging 14.3 points per game. Holiday is a fan favorite in the Crescent City, and every Pelicans fan would enjoy seeing him carry the team to the playoffs. I realize that one person doesn’t make the entire team, but Holiday can lead this team should injuries happen to star players.

Buddy Hield

Hield is a player that is new to the league and hasn’t exactly defined expectations this season. We all knew it would take some time, but the Pelicans faithful want to see Buddy Hield do some great things. If he could bring up his points per game average and lead this team, watch out NBA. The Pelicans could be a force to reckon with if Hield finds his spot.


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