Derrick Rose Injury Means Cleveland Cavaliers Got What They Paid For

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose listens to reporters during a press conference in Pasay city, Metro Manila, Philippines, September 16, 2013. Rose is in Manila for a two-day visit. Photo: Ezra Acayan/NurPhoto (Photo by NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images)

The latest Derrick Rose injury poses a serious problem to the Cleveland Cavaliers if it gets any worse.

Obviously, one of the biggest things that NBA teams consider when trading for players or making signings in free agency is a player’s injury history. When it comes to Derrick Rose, who has one of the more checkered injury histories in professional sports, it was interesting that the Cavs chose to extend an offer to the veteran point guard.

Derrick Rose Injury Means Cleveland Cavaliers Got What They Paid For

A few games in, Rose is having more issues with his ankle. Jason Lloyd of The Athletic reports that things aren’t looking great in Cleveland, as Rose will be out for the team’s upcoming game against the Orlando Magic.

Rose’s injury happened during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Oct. 20. This comes early on in what Rose surely hoped was a year to turn things around after the Cavaliers signed him in the summer for the veteran’s minimum.

As of the writing of this article, no official timetable has been set as to when Rose will be back and ready to go, but it’s not looking great for the Cavs moving forward. Rose was supposed to take over for Isaiah Thomas, who’s out for at least another month with a long-term injury. Rose can’t replace Thomas if he, too, is injured, leaving Cleveland’s point guard position depleted.

The injury issues began for Rose in the 2012 postseason, when an ACL injury started an unfortunate domino effect for the now 29-year-old. Rose was in MVP form back then as a member of the Chicago Bulls, but it’s hard to believe that he’ll come anywhere close to that for the remainder of his career.

To replace the injured Rose, the Cavs will now turn to veteran point guard Jose Calderon. Cleveland is looking to remain relevant in an Eastern Conference that, overall, hasn’t been looking too hot early on this season.

Calderon has averaged less than 10 points and just over six assists per game over the course of his career.


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  1. Oh brother, shut the hell up. I would understand people making articles if he tore his meniscus, but he sprained his ankle… The Cavs got blown out when Rose was out. He should have gotten a minimum of 25M but since people like you keep making these stupid articles, he gets 2.1M. I saw an article that read “Derrick Rose gets injured again.” He sprained his ankle and they have the nerve to put “again” in the title. CP3 a player who always gets hurt but no one talks about, just got injured but all articles are, “Chris Paul out with a bruised knee.” But of course since you guys for some reason hate Rose, you guys come up with these idiotic articles. The thing is, you guys don’t watch any of the games and as soon as you hear anything happening to Rose, that’s when you start typing about how “he is always injured” because the only thing you guys pay attention to is anything about him getting hurt. No one acknowledges that he played more games in the past 3 years than Kyrie and Blake Griffin (who just signed a $173 million deal), but they do talk about him getting hurt. Never in my life have I seen this many articles for someone spraining their ankle… An incident that wasn’t even his fault. Will you guys be saying Gordon Hayward is worth 2M next season just because he dislocated his ankle? No you guys won’t yet you will talk about how Rose missing 1-2 games makes him not worth anything cause he is “always injured.”


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