Trust The Process: How It Is All Starting To Pay Off For Philadelphia

Joel Embiid
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 15: Comedian Kevin Hart walks into Joel Embiid's #21 of the Philadelphia 76ers post game television interview to congratulate him for scoring career high 46-point against Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center November 15, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork S. Djansezian)

How the 76ers’ decision to trust the process is starting to turn heads in Philadelphia

Since the 2013-2014 season, the Philadelphia 76ers have been all over the national media for terrible reasons. From 2013 up to this previous season, the 76ers won just 75 of 328 possible games to equal a 22.8% winning percentage.

After acquiring a couple lottery picks, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the 76ers are starting out this season with 13 wins and 10 losses — their best start in years.

Just how great are Embiid and Simmons? Do the 76ers have the chance to be championship contenders?

One thing for sure is that the 76ers are again playoff contenders and a must watch team.

Joel Embiid

With the 3rd pick in the 2014 NBA draft, the 76ers picked Embiid. He did not make his debut until the 2016-2017 season due to injury.

Since his debut and trademarking the phrase “Trust the Process”, Embiid is a must watch player any time he is on the court.

At 23 years of age, he is averaging 23.0 points and 11.3 rebounds per game in 20 games of action this season. Those numbers are more impressive when considering Embiid is on a minutes restriction with an average of 29.9 minutes per game.

Embiid is a 7-foot center that can shoot the three as well as take the ball to the hole off the dribble. The amount of talent he holds should be scary for opposing defenses. If he can stay away from injury and increase his minutes, the 76ers have an all-star caliber player to play alongside Simmons.

Ben Simmons

Simmons is putting together one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory so far. He is one of those players that can stuff the stat sheet and do anything on the court. As a rookie, he is averaging 18.0 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game.

Analysts have compared Simmons to Magic Johnson. The comparison comes from the fact they both play the “point forward”. But when you look at the numbers, the comparison appears legitimate.

Simmons is nearly identical in points and assists and averaging nearly 2 more rebounds per game compared to Johnson’s rookie season. Johnson, however, did win the NBA championship and Finals MVP in his rookie season (chances are Simmons will not do that).

To be in the same conversation as Johnson is a great accomplishment. The 76ers have a special young player that has amazing potential. He is the front-runner for rookie of the year. He also has the chance to lead this team to their first playoff berth since 2012.

LeBron to Philly?

There is a lot of hype and rumors surrounding where LeBron James will choose to play next season. Up until recently, the 76ers have not been in the conversation. With the improved health of Embiid and the play of Simmons, the 76ers have become contenders to sign James this off-season.

The addition of James to the young 76ers would make them an automatic contender in the Eastern Conference. In addition, James would have an impact on the careers of Embiid and Simmons. James signing with Philly would solidify the process, making all of those awful years worth it.

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