LeBron James Should Re-Sign With Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James
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As the NBA season continues, one rumor refuses to go away. The future of Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James is talked about on a daily basis. James’ reputation speaks for itself, as several teams look set to pursue his talents come free agency. In Philadelphia, recruiting has already begun, and chatter in Los Angeles only adds to the speculation. There is some buzz around the league that James could end up in Texas, or perhaps the King will sign with one of the association’s larger markets.

Despite all of the talk, nobody really knows where James will end up. Maybe he doesn’t even know yet himself. But that’s not why we’re here. Here, we will explain why James should stay in Cleveland, by going through each potential option and breaking down why the fits just don’t quite work.

LeBron James’ Best Option is to Re-Sign With Cleveland Cavaliers

The Contenders 

James has several options, including staying in Cleveland. He is expected to be pursued by the likes of Houston and San Antonio; both offer James a chance to win. Then we have the outsiders. Two of the league’s best young rosters – the Lakers and Sixers – would be shocking moves for James, but you can never rule anything out in today’s NBA. There is one more team in plat, which we’ll address below. These are all options but that doesn’t mean they’re good options.

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Texas Looks Good on Paper 

Let’s head to the Lone Star State. We’ll start in Houston with the James Harden-led Rockets. So far this season, the Houston Rockets have been a great advert for free agents. From their style of play to the leaders on display, Houston is a destination where many will want to be. Now, on paper, this appears a good option for James, but the reality is much different. When you look at Houston, the Rockets have the perfect set-up. With a potential big three to form, it’s an attractive destination, but there is one key issue that some have overlooked. As we all know, there is only one ball on the court at any time. With three ball-dominant players all starting together, Houston, we have a problem.

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Now we look at what is probably to most intriguing option. With the San Antonio Spurs, it’s difficult to find problems with a potential move. Under head coach Gregg Popovich, the Spurs are always consistent, even without their best players. The Spurs have one major issue that would stop James from signing: age. The Spurs are old; not as old as the Cavaliers, but that’s what makes the move not worthwhile. The lure is Popovich, a coach with whom James has a good rapport. It would take a big effort to sign James in the off-season, something that San Antonio just doesn’t have in it.

The Rebuilders

As the Los Angeles Lakers finish the season strong, many still believe James will team up with a young squad that has exceeded expectations. Now, they may have the cap space, but the Lakers are still miles away from contending. Set to be 34 years old come New Year’s, James has no time for a rebuild, whether that be in Los Angeles or Philadelphia. Let’s be clear: when you’re a superstar and you’re almost 34, you don’t sign with a rebuilding team. These final years of James’ career are too valuable to waste. When your legacy is at stake, you don’t waste opportunities. Joining either team would be a mistake by James, despite the fact both projects are enticing.

The No-Hope Knicks 

The New York Knicks can offer a massive market, a few rising stars, and maybe even the money to lure James to the Big Apple. This will mean little to James, as the Knicks are known for being dysfunctional from ownership all the way down to the court. The Knicks simply can’t offer James enough. As someone with incredibly high standards, it would be out of character for James to associate himself with such a lackluster franchise. The Knicks are making progress, but it’s unlikely we see the King dunking at MSG in a Knicks uniform anytime soon.

Cleveland is Home 

You can’t look at any of these options and seriously say that any of them make legitimate sense for James. There is no ideal destination, they all have flaws and issues that a 33-year-old just doesn’t need. Sure, James will consider all of his options, but at the end of the day, all roads lead back to Cleveland, otherwise known as home for James.


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