Bucks Petition for Salary Cap Relief on Mirza Teletovic’s Contract

Mirza Teletovic
Bosnia's Mirza Teletovic Supercup match August 2013. Photo: DANIEL MAURER | usage worldwide (Photo by Daniel Maurer/picture alliance via Getty Images)

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, The Milwaukee Bucks are petitioning the NBA for salary cap relief for the remainder of Mirza Teletovic‘s contract. Teletovic was forced to retire due to a recurring medical condition. Mirza Teletovic appeared in 10 games for the Bucks last season. He averaged 7.1 points in those games.

Bucks Petition for Salary Cap Relief on Mirza Teletovic’s Contract

In an official release from the NBA, Teletovic was diagnosed with pulmonary emboli in both lungs.¬†The diagnose came in the first half of last season. He was out indefinitely for the rest of the season. He was¬†eventually declared to be medically retired. The Bucks are petitioning for Teletovic’s remaining contract to be evenly distributed over three seasons. Teletovic’s salary would not affect the Bucks’ salary cap in this situation. Credit to the NBA for having a path to handle this unfortunate situation. The Miami Heat was able to do the same in Chris Bosh‘s situation.

Teletovic was diagnosed with the same medical condition in his time with the Brooklyn Nets. In a medical update, Nets team physician in 2015 Dr. Michael Farber was optimistic. Dr. Farber predicted Teletovic to make a full recovery, which he was able to. He played the next couple of seasons without any complications. However, he was forced to retire when the condition returned. The condition, if left untreated, had a chance to be fatal. Teletovic was able to treat the condition both times before any lasting damage.

Mirza Teletovic has since moved on to a new calling. According to Matt Velazquez, Teletovic agreed to become the president of the Bosnian Basketball Federation. Teletovic found a way to still be involved in the sport he played professionally. His playing days were cut short, but his impact will still be felt. He will continue to be a leading voice to the next generation of Bosnian basketball players.

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