Isaiah Thomas Signs with the Washington Wizards

Isaiah Thomas
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - DECEMBER 03: Isaiah Thomas (L) of Boston Celtics struggles for the ball with Rudy Gay (R) of Sacramento Kings during the NBA Regular Season basketball game between Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics at the Mexico City Arena on December 03, 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

On the heels of Tomas Satoransky‘s departure — along with John Wall‘s long-term injury — the Washington Wizards found a suitable point guard option; former All-Star Isaiah Thomas.

Isaiah Thomas Inks Deal with the Washington Wizards

Thomas recently reached an agreement to join the Washington Wizards next season. The details of the deal are still mostly unclear, though it is reportedly only for one year. Thomas was an MVP candidate and an All-NBA point guard for the Boston Celtics before a hip injury sent his career spiraling downward.

From leading the top team in the east to the Eastern Conference Finals — while averaging 30 points per game — to being removed from the rotation for the Denver Nuggets is a tough fall. However, Thomas is a comeback story waiting to happen. Thomas claims all he needs is a shot. Now, he’s got one.

Thomas has been an NBA journeyman since his injury. Boston traded him to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and then the Cavaliers sent him to the Los Angeles Lakers. From there, he signed a one-year deal with the Nuggets. Once that deal expired, he ended up in Washington.

Perhaps the most important game of Thomas’ career came against his new team. In the aftermath of the tragic death of his sister, Thomas dropped 53 points in the Eastern Conference Semifinals on her birthday against the Wizards in one of the greatest NBA stories of recent memory.

No matter where his career goes from here, Thomas will always be remembered as a “heart over height” player. His legacy lies in his passion for the game and his unwavering dedication to his craft, despite any obstacles that may come his way.

Thomas says he will return to pre-injury form. If anyone can do it, Thomas can. The whole NBA world is behind him.

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