Correcting Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 List

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With Sports Illustrated annual top 100 list hitting the public eye, there are a few corrections that need to be made. Correcting SI’s top 100 list is interesting because after all, it’s an opinionated article. Although most players are ranked where they should be, there are always a few outliers. There are players that need to be moved higher, and a few players that could take a step back. Sports Illustrated’s top 100 article needs a few improvements.

Correcting SI’s Top 100 List

Players Ranked Too Low

Starting with players that are ranked too low–the Brooklyn Nets‘ star point guardĀ Kyrie Irving. Irving, who just came off of an underwhelming season with the Boston Celtics, is ranked 15th on this list. Irving and the Celtics had high hopes coming into last season, and for several reasons, it didn’t come into fruition. Most people blame Irving for the Celtics woes, and they have every right to do so. Irving was supposed to be the leader for that team, and he ended up being the chemistry killer.

Although Irving is a very tough player to play with, he doesn’t need to be receiving this much disrespect. Irving is still one of the top players of this game, and right at the top of the guard list. Irving is arguably a top 10 player in the league and should be ranked above players such as the Utah Jazz‘s center Rudy Gobert, and the Minnesota Timberwolves‘ centerĀ Karl-Anthony Towns.

The new point guard for the Houston Rockets, Russell Westbrook, is ranked too low. Westbrook is ranked 12th on the list. He just came off of his third straight season of averaging a triple-double. He is too dominant to be ranked outside of the top 10. Westbrook has dedicated his entire career to giving the game 110 percent every night he steps out on the floor. As said before, it’s not every day that your point guard averages a triple-double, not to mention for three straight seasons. Westbrook deserves to be in the top 10, and it’s not particularly close.

Player Ranked Too High

Going the other way to a player ranked too high–Golden State Warriors‘ forward Draymond Green. Green is a monster on the court. His impact doesn’t show up on the stat sheet, but he is still crucial to the Warriors team. That being said, Green is still ranked too high. For context, Blake Griffin of the Detriot Pistons is ranked two spots behind him. Griffin just came off the best season of his career. Another player, Celtics’ guard Kemba Walker, had a phenomenal season in his last year with the Charlotte Hornets. Walker had several huge scoring performances, including dropping 60 points on Jimmy Butler and the Philadelphia 76ers. Walker is another player that doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Again, Green is the glue to the Warriors’ defense. But, his inconsistency during the regular season is a problem. Griffin has shown that he can be efficient and effective on the floor. Walker has shown that he can be an offensive powerhouse and a great leader. No disrespect to Green, but players like Griffin and Walker have given their pitch on being ranked higher.

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