Dallas Mavericks All-Decade Team

Dallas Mavericks All-Decade Team
December 07, 2010: Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki #41 gets a high five from Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Jason Terry #31 in an NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX Dallas defeated Golden State 105-100 (Photo by Albert Pena/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The decade could not have started better for the Dallas Mavericks as they emerged as champions in the 2010-11 season. It was the first championship in franchise history and has remained the only one. The team was competitive afterward, making the playoffs four of the five next seasons. Although they’re now on a three-season playoff drought, this was during a transition period from the Dirk Nowitzki to the Luka Doncic era. The Mavericks had a great decade and that shows with the all-decade team.

The Best of the 2010s for the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks All-Decade Team Starting Five

Guard: Luka Doncic

Doncic is only in his second season in the league. It’s always surprising to hear that, however, as he’s been an MVP candidate all season long and a starting All-Star in the Western Conference.

His talent and potential were clear after his Rookie of the Year campaign. His jump to his current superstar level was almost unforeseen, at least not this quickly. He’s averaging an incredible stat line of just about 29 points, nine rebounds, and nine assists per game. He’s on a triple-double watch every night, and in his second year, already owns the Mavericks’ total triple-double record over NBA legend Jason Kidd.

Performance-wise, Doncic is the second-best player to play for Dallas behind Nowitzki, and that is not a premature statement. Watch for him to continue to break records and to usher in his own era for the Mavericks.

Guard: Jason Kidd

Kidd’s second stint in Dallas did not last long into the 2010s, but it was incredibly meaningful. He was one of many veteran leaders that formed the perfect formula that led the team to their first championship.

His statistics during this time weren’t eye-popping, about eight points, eight assists, and five rebounds per game, but Kidd meant so much more. He was the floor general, called the plays, and hit countless clutch shots during the championship season. Mavericks fans have seen head coach Rick Carlisle have shaky relationships with other point guards, but his trust in Kidd was clear.

Forward: Shawn Marion

Shawn Marion arrived in Dallas slightly after his offensive prime that was seen with the Phoenix Suns. He was still a freak athlete, however, and not to mention another veteran leader. Marion’s most important trait for the Mavericks, however, was his lockdown defense.

When looking back at the Mavericks’ title run, it’s important to note that they played versus Kevin DurantKobe Bryant, and LeBron James, among others. It was none other than Marion that had main defensive duties on three of the greatest scorers in the league’s history. It was also Marion who was able to keep them in check. His defensive performances in the 2011 playoffs should be something talked about more.

Marion was a member of the Mavericks from the start of the decade until 2014. In that time he averaged about 12 points and seven rebounds per game. Like Kidd, his statistics weren’t stellar, but his importance to the franchise has made him a mainstay in Mavericks lore.

Forward: Dirk Nowitzki

This was a given. Nowitzki is not only the best Mavericks player this decade, but the best Mavericks player of all time. He was drafted by the franchise in 1998 and stayed with them until retirement in 2019, and also goes down as one of the most elite power forwards in league history.

Nowitzki was the catalyst for the championship, winning Finals MVP and having the most incredible stretch of basketball in franchise history.

During the decade his statistics took a dip with age, but he still made various All-Star appearances. He never strayed from the Mavericks, although it was apparent they were not contenders a single season after they had won the championship.

There’s nothing more Nowitzki could’ve done for the franchise. The only remaining question is when his statue will be up in front of the American Airlines Center.

Center: Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler played for the Mavericks twice during the decade, in the championship season and another playoff appearance in 2014-15.

The Mavericks were built to compete during the offseason prior to their championship but became legitimate contenders once Chandler was brought onto the team. Nowitzki needed a huge defensive presence next to him, and this is what Chandler brought.

In his two seasons for the Mavericks, he averaged 10 points and 10 rebounds per game. He was a nightmare down low for opposing players and was always a major lob threat playing alongside Kidd. Chandler is one of the most respected players within the Mavericks fanbase albeit only playing there for two seasons.

Dallas Mavericks All-Decade Team Bench

Guard: Jason Terry

If it wasn’t for Doncic’s incredible sophomore campaign, Jason Terry would have been listed as a starter. Coming off the bench works in his favor, however, as he’s a former Sixth Man of the Year winner with Dallas.

Terry, or JET, was the second most reliable pure scorer on the veteran loaded championship team. He was never afraid of the moment, in fact, the most difficult shots at clutch times was where he thrived. His run during the 2011 playoffs was great, as he averaged 17.5 points per game, and was the spark plug the team needed. Terry left the Mavericks in 2012, but his contributions at the beginning of the decade were huge.

Guard: J.J. Barea

J.J. Barea also played a massive role off the bench in the 2011 playoffs. He came on and always scored a few buckets to the opposing team’s surprise, as he was always the smallest player on the floor.

Although he did depart the Mavericks after their championship, he returned in 2014 to today. Barea was never a Sixth Man of the Year candidate, but like Terry, is the definition of a spark plug in the second unit. His loyalty to the Mavericks is evident, and he will also go down in Mavericks lore as a major fan favorite.

Guard: Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis spent two seasons on the Mavericks, from 2013 to 2015, and he formed a deadly scoring combination alongside Nowitzki.

He was very consistent in his time there, averaging 19 points per game his first season and 18.9 his second. The Mavericks were not seen as contenders at the time, but Ellis made sure to keep them relevant and always exciting on offense.

Ellis’ NBA reputation will always go down as a pure scorer, as it should, but it’s important to note that he was also a solid distributor while on Dallas, averaging close to six assists per game in his first season.

Forward: Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes arrived in Dallas with plenty of fanfare – a former member of the Golden State Warriors‘ dynasty accepting a max contract to try and became a star on his own.

Although he never blossomed into a full-fledged star, Barnes appeared in 205 games for the Mavericks where he averaged about 19 points and five rebounds per game. Like Ellis in a way, Barnes was never great but kept basketball entertaining. More importantly, he was also a very respected man for his contributions to the Dallas community.

Center: Zaza Pachulia

This is where things got interesting as the Mavericks do not have a history of great centers. It’s too early to place Kristaps Porzingis in the team of the decade, and Maxi Kleber as well. Zaza Pachulia, however, played a full season in Dallas, was a fan-favorite, and actually had one of his better seasons.

He averaged 8.6 points and 9.4 rebounds per game in 76 games in 2015-16. This helped him rack up plenty of All-Star votes, although that mostly came from his own fanbase.

Pachulia did what was asked of him, however – he rebounded well and scored when given the chance. That season was also his third-best scoring season in his career and his best rebounding season.

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